Stefan shares his experience as a Canadian international volunteer in Sri Lanka.
Stefan talks about volunteering in Sri Lanka.

Spotlight on Stefan Bruni: An Inspiring Volunteer Journey

Sri Lanka, a land steeped in ancient history and blessed with breathtaking landscapes, invites us with its rich culture and spiritual heritage. In this captivating country, several organizations extend a warm welcome to international volunteers.

Stefan Bruni, a dynamic Canadian international volunteer, had a clear vision for his volunteer assignment. He sought an opportunity in communications where he could make a positive impact in a new environment. Thanks to a thoughtful pairing process, Stefan found himself aligned with Sarvodaya, a SriLankan organization that perfectly matched his aspirations.

Sarvodaya, or Lanka Jathika Sarvodaya Shramadana Sangamaya Inc., established in 1958, stands as Sri Lanka’s largest non-governmental community development organization. Rooted in grassroots initiatives, Sarvodaya has evolved to embrace diverse areas such as education, emergency response, and youth entrepreneurship. Guided by the wisdom of Buddha and inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s principles, Sarvodaya nurtures a holistic vision of “awakening.” This encompasses spiritual, cultural, and economic development, with a mission to ensure everyone enjoys fundamental human rights, including access to basic healthcare and decent housing. Central to their ethos is “Shramadana,” which translates to “sharing one’s labor” for the collective well-being.

Stefan’s role as a volunteer Communications Advisor at Sarvodaya is a pivotal one. He dedicates his time to advising and crafting content for Sarvodaya’s new website, develops comprehensive publication guidelines, and creates a repository of communication templates. At the heart of his volunteer work is the creation of a revised communications policy for the organization and the facilitation of workshops to empower local projects in building effective communication plans.

“I’m at a point in both my professional and personal life where I’m looking to challenge myself and benefit from as many unfamiliar environments as possible, as it forces me to continue to learn, maintain an open mind, and grow as a person. The fact that I can work towards something positive and make even a small difference while doing is a significant bonus,” Stefan says with enthusiasm.

While Stefan’s professional accomplishments have been immensely satisfying, he holds the warm and welcoming atmosphere at Sarvodaya close to his heart as the most rewarding aspect of his volunteer journey. Building connections with colleagues and peers has made his experience as a volunteer profoundly meaningful.

For those considering volunteering, Stefan offers this advice: “Keep an open mind, manage your expectations, and be willing to step out of your comfort zone.” His passion and dedication serve as a testament to the transformative power of volunteering in unfamiliar territories.

Stefan’s volunteer assignment was made possible through IGNI+E, a multi-year, multi-country initiative funded by Global Affairs Canada to improve economic opportunities for youth. View our current volunteer opportunities here.

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