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Press Release • Communiqué de presse

Press Release: WUSC stands firm in its commitment to support refugee youth

OTTAWA, February 3, 2017 – World University Service of Canada (WUSC) expresses its concern with the recent Executive Order in the United States which has temporarily halted all refugee resettlement to the United States and barred the entry of citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries.

WUSC continues to stand in solidarity with the refugee community in Canada and around the world. We also stand with the Canadian post-secondary education community, including students, staff, faculty members, and alumni, who continue to demonstrate global leadership on this pressing issue.

For nearly forty years, WUSC has worked with Canadian universities, colleges, and CEGEPs to offer refugee youth the opportunity to resettle in Canada and pursue their post-secondary education on safe and supportive campuses across the country. In 2016, our committed network helped to double the number of refugee youth we support through the Student Refugee Program (SRP) to welcome a total of 150 students to Canada over the past twelve months.

In this ever-changing global context, our resolution to support refugee youth and their access to higher education remains firm. In the coming months, we aim to not only maintain but further expand this incredible growth in the SRP.

We recognize the Government of Canada for their role in ensuring we are able to continue to privately sponsor refugees through the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program. In particular, we applaud Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Hussen of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, for their continued commitment to ensuring Canada remains a welcoming and inclusive country where diversity is our strength.

On behalf of the WUSC network, we also wish to join Canadians at this time in expressing our profound sadness for the victims, families, and friends affected by Sunday evening’s attack on the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec in Québec City. We know this tragic act of violence does not reflect the overwhelmingly welcoming and inclusive attitude of communities across our country.

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