2016 International Seminar in Tanzania

This week, Uniterra welcomes the participants for the 70th Annual International Seminar, an event held this year in Tanzania. It will bring together nineteen Canadian and Tanzanian student-leaders for five weeks of research and camaraderie.

From July 14 to August 20 the participants will visit local businesses and farmers’ groups in Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Manyara, with the aim to investigate how agricultural systems support economic development and global food security. They also plan on exploring how technology and markets can create a sustainable food future for the planet.

Working with Uniterra’s mandate of promoting and supporting the women and youth, the participants will focus their research on the role those two groups can play in food and agricultural sustainability in Tanzania.

The Tanzanian participants will arrive in Arusha beginning July 14 when they will begin their Uniterra training, including – among other events – a safety briefing, intercultural communication and conflict management instruction. The Canadians participants will join their fellow Tanzanians in Arusha on Saturday for some city tours, Swahili lessons, and group dynamic activities.

The International Seminar officially kicks off Wednesday, July 20 with the opening ceremonies, which will highlight the participants, the research they will conduct, and the partners of the seminar. Also coinciding with the seminar this year is the International Youth Day on August 12, when the participants will focus on youth engagement and inclusion.

The nineteen student participants come from a variety of backgrounds – from International Development, to Nutrition and Agricultural studies – and they are all excited to share what they know about agricultural sustainability and to grow and learn from one another.

Many hope to expand their knowledge and understanding of food security issues in Tanzania, including the challenges facing Tanzanian smallholder farmers. Some are interested in gaining a better understanding of the problems of our global food system while exploring sustainable agri-food alternatives. Other participants are excited to learn about the Tanzanian culture, to try new things, and to expand their thinking on how the world operates. Still some are looking forward to working and interacting with youth on a more personal and intimate level.

The next five weeks will be a time of growth, learning and fun for both the participants and the team at Uniterra.

The participants’ experiences will be shared and documented on social media – using #IStanzania2016 – to better create a discussion surrounding global food security and sustainability.

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