INEE Webinar: Gender Equality in and through Education

In 2019, the Inter-Agency Network on Education in Emergencies (INEE) released a new Gender Guidance Note, a document designed to equip policymakers, practitioners, researchers, and civil society organisations with the knowledge and tools to deliver education that is relevant to the needs of girls and boys. This Guidance Note is tailored to people working in education in crisis contexts, and offers practical evidence for gender-responsive programming, illustrations of how gender-responsive programming can improve education quality, and practical examples of good practices implemented in the field. WUSC contributed to and is profiled in the Guidance Note, with a featured case study on our best practices in community mobilization for girls’ education in refugee communities in Kenya

INEE recently hosted a webinar to launch the Guidance Note. It explores some of the key principles of the Gender Guidance Note, and provides an opportunity to learn more about some of the case studies highlighted. Stephanie McBride, Education Advisor at WUSC, presents on the challenges of community mobilization for girls’ education, solutions, and results of WUSC’s community mobilization work in Kenya. Watch the webinar below.


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