WUSC’s Recommendations on Canada’s Efforts toward Civil Society Partnerships

WUSC is pleased to see the further elaboration of Global Affairs Canada’s 2015 Civil Society Partnership Policy. The statement makes a clear and compelling link to Canada’s new Feminist International Assistance Policy, most significantly through framing how Canada will deliver on its commitment to a feminist approach to development.

In reaffirming and extending Global Affairs Canada’s approach to partnering with civil society, WUSC believes that Canada should build upon lessons of past civil society organization (CSO) programming, and on the rich experiences of Canadian, international, and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that work toward international development and a more inclusive world.

The following policy paper explores the principles that CSOs can draw upon to achieve a greater scale of results. It also identifies some of the ways in which CSOs can engage in cross-sector partnerships to support more inclusive markets that deliver results for marginalized women.

Click here to read our policy recommendations on Civil Society Partnerships


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