The 67th International Seminar is happening February 15 to 22 in West Africa!

This week, Canadian students are embarking on a life-changing week to Burkina Faso for the 2014 International Seminar. We are writing to inform you of this latest edition of the International Seminar.

The Canadians will join 12 other students in from Burkina Faso, Guinea, Ghana and Senegal to focus on the critical global challenge of youth employment. During an intense week in Ouagadougou, from February 15 to 22, they will share ideas, visit youth-led enterprises, analyse research, explore solutions and report on the seminar theme: “Youth Employability: Challenges for Inclusion in the Labour Market and for Youth Entrepreneurship.”

If you would like to follow the 2014 International Seminar, visit the International Seminar Facebook page.

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