68th International Seminar: Youth leaders in Entrepreneurship

WUSC and CECI gathered 15 youth from Canada, Peru, Bolivia and Guatemala as part of the International Seminar. Every year, the International Seminar offers Canadians their first overseas volunteer experience in a developing country.

This year’s seminar theme “Youth Leaders in Entrepreneurship, was in response to the continued increase of youth unemployment and under-employment in Latin America and around the world and how entrepreneurship, self-employment and start-ups offer ways for youth to find viable employment. Through expert presentations and workshops, participants learned more about the employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in the region. Putting theory into practice, participants made several field visits to observe ongoing youth employment initiatives in Lima.

From there, the Seminar participants analysed their research findings and explored innovative and sustainable solutions to improve the employment situation for youth in South America. They had the opportunity to present their findings and insights in front of development experts and professionals during IVCO and the Uniterra Global Meeting, which all took place in Lima last month.

Now in its 68th year, the International Seminar provides Canadian students with their first overseas development experience. Many of our alumni became part of the WUSC family through the seminar and often state that the experience is what set them on their current career paths in international development, business, government or law. As you will see in the following story, our alumni are keen to reconnect with their fellow seminarists to look back fondly on their experience with WUSC.

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