Meet WUSC's new Program Officer for the Student Refugee Program

Catherine Veillet-St-Amant graduated with a BA in International Studies and Modern Languages from Laval University in Quebec. During her studies she was the Vice-President of the Local Committee and was responsible for the Student Refugee Program. In 2008, Catherine was selected to participate in the WUSC Refugee Study Seminar and travelled to refugee camps in Dadaab, Kenya to study refugee issues. After graduating from Laval, Catherine worked for WUSC as a Regional Liaison Officer for Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. Afterwards, she was involved in the Board of Directors as a Regional Member representing Quebec. Passionate about intercultural, Catherine has studied in Spain, worked in Guatemala and participated in exchanges to the Dominican Republic, Benin, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Before joining the WUSC Campus engagement team as the news Program Officer for the Student Refugee Program, Catherine was working as an Immigration Outreach Officer at the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi de La Haute-Côte-Nord.

As Program Officer of the Student Refugee Program, she is responsible for overseeing the in-Canada portion of the Student Refugee Program (SRP). With regards to local committees, her role is to coordinate many of the in-Canada steps of the sponsorship process and provide training and support so that sponsoring groups can raise the funds needed for their program on campus and provide sponsored students with the best support possible!

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