Members' Newsletter: A Message from the Executive Director

Dear university and college members,


I am pleased to share with you our first members’ biannual newsletter for 2013. Here you will find articles on the different and interesting ways universities and colleges are furthering WUSC’s vision of changing the world through education.

With 44 institutional members and more than 80 Local Committees on campuses across the country, we hope this newsletter will serve as one of the ways to help you keep connected with WUSC and to find the many opportunities in which we can work together in Canada and abroad.

On campus, we partner with institutions to support the amazing work accomplished by students on campus in sponsoring refugee students, raising awareness of important issues on campus and in communities and providing opportunities for students, staff and faculty to volunteer in support of our programming overseas. We also help institutions internationalize and diversify through, for example, placing international students and professionals on campus through scholarships and short term training.

Beyond campus, we partner with members in donor funded development work abroad and provide opportunities for Local Committees, alumni and institutional members to help guide WUSC’s vision and goals during our annual International Forum in November.

Increasingly, we are interested in collaborating withour institutional partners for overseas programming. This is particularly relevant, given our renewed strategic focus around supporting youth in the South through education, employment and empowerment.

Recently we sent you a message regarding opportunities for collaboration under a next phase of Uniterra, a major Canadian voluntary cooperation and international development program established by WUSC and the Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI) with financial support from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

We look forward to new formal partnerships under a next phase of the Uniterra program. We also look forward to hearing your stories and ideas for upcoming issues and welcome your ideas and feedback. Please feel free to contact: Tom Tunney to find out more information on any of our programming.



Chris Eaton

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