Seeking Dynamic Regional Coordinators to Support Local Committees

WUSC is excited to launch a new and exciting alumni initiative, the Volunteer Regional Coordinator Network! We are looking for dynamic and knowledgeable Local Committee graduates who want to share their WUSC expertise with our campus network and help us strengthen our membership in key cities across the country.

By becoming one of our first volunteer Regional Coordinators, our selected WUSC Alumni will have the opportunity to further develop their leadership, training and organizational skills. The position is mandated to guide students on running creative events and campaigns, help gain visibility on their campus, and mentor Local Committees into becoming stronger SRP sponsoring groups.

These WUSC regional representatives will get to meet Local Committee members from various campuses, new sponsored students, Faculty, and campus staff to help build our network! They will expand their knowledge of WUSC’s mandate and learn more about the SRP sponsorship and in-Canada resettlement. They will also have the opportunity to interact and work with a team of seriously dedicated and experienced staff in Ottawa! This is a great insight to gain professional experience with a leading Canadian international development NGO.

This is a unique opportunity to share the knowledge and skills built as a Local Committee student to inspire and train new members! Help us establish the first volunteer Regional Coordinator Network!

Volunteer Positions- Regional Coordinators deadline June 30th

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