Thank You and Goodbye to our Regional Liaison Officers!

Our three Regional Liaison Officers and former Local Committee members Yves Kalala (Nipissing), Maggie Crump (Dalhousie) and Kalila Wilkinson (Vancouver Island University) have been the most important line of communication with our Local Committees.

From training sessions,campus visits, Faculty meetings and supporting youractivities, this stellar team has been invaluable to WUSC Campus. Thank you!

Un gros merci pour votre contribution exceptionnelle!

Campus Engagement team: Alexandra, Michelle, Asni, Joanna and Marie-Eve. 


Join the Campus Engagement Team!

Check your inboxes this summer as we’ll be sending a call to hire the next three RLOs for the three regions of Quebec and Atlantic, Ontario and Western Canada and the Prairies. Interested in joining our stellar team? Contact campus@wusc.cafor more information about next year’s RLO positions.

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